DevTube has been discontinued!

As announced on our blog at the 1st January, the DevTube video platform has been discontinued at the 1st March 2022.
If you still haven't backed-up your videos, you can reach out to our support to receive a backup by email.
Please don't wait for too long, we will remove all PeerTube data - including video files and the database - on the 1st April!
We're sorry that it had to come to an end, and for all the inconvenience that it caused to you, but we couldn't longer handle the growing amount of disk space usage and also couln't find new moderators that keep DevTube a nice place.

Still looking for a new place to store your videos?

Using other services of GGC-Project?

No need to worry, we're here to stay!
DevTube is the only part of GGC-Project that we discontinued, and it should stay the only one for the foreseeable future.
With the storage that we gained from discontinuing DevTube, we will be able to continue operating all other service for several more years without needing to worry about hardware upgrades.

Our last words...

Thanks for going the long, successful journey with us thus far, it all wouldn't have been possible without you!
It's hard to say goodbye, but I have to, at this point.